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Tenacious D [35 records]
2001.05.26USA, Winston-Salem, NC - Ziggy's 3.98GB105.00 minAUDDVD  View#02304
2001.07.27USA, Boston, MA - Avalon - The Rise and Fall of Tenacious D Tour3.23GB95.00 min6/10AUDDVDHi8 M View#99999
2001.08.24USA, Morrison, CO - Red Rocks Amphitheatre 3.11GB54.00 min7/10AUDDVDVHS View#99999
2001.09.28USA, Burlington, VT - Higher Ground - The Rise and Fall of Tenacious D Tour4.08GB74.00 min6/10AUDDVDVHS 1SBDView#99999
2001.10.03USA, Minneapolis, MN - State Theater 3.10GB94.00 min6/10AUDDVDVHS View#99999
2001.10.11USA, Philadelphia, PA - The Electric Factory 3.69GB120.00 min6/10AUDDVD  View#02307
2001.10.24USA, Los Angeles, CA - The Wilern - The Rise and Fall of Tenacious D Tour4.33GB117.00 min7/10AUDDVDDVD M View#99999
2001.10.31USA, San Francisco, CA - Warfield Theater 3.79GB107.00 min5/10AUDDVDVHS View#99999
2002.04.01USA, Atlanta, GA - Tabernacle 4.09GB105.00 min7/10AUDDVDDVD M View#02303
2002.04.07USA, Birmingham, AL - Sloss Furnace 3.34GB61.00 min8/10AUDDVDDV M2 CAMView#01807
2002.04.20USA, Dallas, TX - Bronco Bowl 4.34GB72.00 min8/10AUDDVDDV M View#99999
2002.10.18USA, Los Angeles, CA - The Derby - Food Not Bombs Benefit3.64GB65.00 minAUDDVDDVD M View#02301
2002.10.20USA, Anaheim, CA - House of Blues 4.21GB100.00 min7/10AUDDVD  View#02306
2004.12.27New Zealand, Wellington - St. James Theatre 4.29GB77.00 min7/10AUDDVDDV M View#99999
2006.12.03USA, Fairfax, VA - Patriot Center 6.07GB114.00 min2/10AUDDVDDVD M3 CAMView#02305
2010.10.23USA, Anaheim, CA - Anaheim Convention Center 2.20GB85.00 minPRODVD  View#02308
2011.12.08Australia, Sydney - Football Stadium 3.24GB21.00 min7/10AUDMTSHDD M View#01776
2012.05.14USA, Los Angeles, CA - CBS Studios - Late Night with David Letterman463MB4.00 min10/10PROMTSDVB1080iView#99999
2012.05.15USA, New York City, NY - NBC Studios - Late Night with Jimmy Fallon191MB4.00 min9/10PROMTSDVB720pView#99999
2012.05.18USA, Los Angeles, CA - NBC Studios - Tonight Show with Jay Leno383MB3.00 min10/10PROMTSDVB1080iView#99999
2012.06.02Germany, Nurburg - Nuerburgring - Rock am Ring     View#01853
3.42GB68.00 min9/10PRODVDDVD M View#99999
2012.06.28USA, New York City, NY - Comedy Central Studios - The Daily Show236MB6.00 min10/10PROMTSDVB720pView#99999
2012.10.04USA, Los Angeles, CA - ABC Studios - Jimmy Kimmel Live191MB3.00 min9/10PROMTSDVB720pView#99999
2013.06.28USA, Los Angeles, CA - CBS Studios - The Late Late Show with Craig Fergusen 164MB4.00 min10/10PROMTSDVB720pView#99999
2013.08.17Germany, Hockenheim - Hockenheimring - Rock 'n' Heim Festival781MB75.00 min9/10WEBDVDHDD M View#99999
2.89GB79.00 min9/10PRODVDDVB View#99999
2014.10.24USA, Los Angeles, CA - CBS Studios - The Late Late Show with Craig Fergusen 304MB3.00 min10/10PROMTSDVB1080iView#99999
2015.02.08Germany, Brussels - Ancienne Belgique 1.69GB130.00 min9/10WEBMTSHDD M View#02399
13.3GB99.00 min9/10WEBBlue Ray DiscHDD M View#88888
2016.06.03Germany, Mendig - Flugplatz Mendig-Vulkaneifel - Rock am Ring1.29GB67.00 min10/10WEBMTSHDD M View#99999
2016.06.30Denmark, Roskilde - Festivalpladsen - Roskilde Festival2.10GB90.00 min10/10WEBMTSHDD M View#99999
2019.06.09Germany, Nurburg - Nurburgring - Rock am Ring3.72GB73.00 min10/10WEBMTSHDD M View#99999
2019.06.10Netherlands, Landgraaf - Megaland - Pinkpop Festival2.09GB60.00 min10/10WEBMTSHDD M720pView#99999
2019.08.03USA, Chicago, IL - Grant Park - Lollapalooza1.67GB60.00 min10/10WEBMTSHDD M View#99999
Tenacious D [misc] [1 records]
2013.02.07USA, Los Angeles, CA - E! Studios - Chelsea Lately (Interview)554MB22.00 min10/10PROMTSDVB720pView#99999