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Limp Bizkit [142 records]
1997.05.23South Wales, Newport - Newport Centre 1.50GB26.00 min4/10AUDDVDVHS 2 ViewRT#02283
1997.07.14USA, Kansas City, MO - 7th Heaven Record Store      View#01354
1997.07.15USA, Lawrence, KS - Burcham Park - Vans Warped Tour3.57GB27.00 min4/10AUDDVDVHS 1 View#02229
1997.07.17USA, St. Paul, MN - Midway Stadium - Warped Tour751MB11.00 min7/10AUDDVDVHS View#01960
1997.07.18USA, Chicago, IL - United Center - Warped Tour3.64GB25.00 min4/10AUDDVDVHS 1 ViewRT#02269
1997.08.03USA, Sanford, FL - Tsunami Complex - Warped Tour1.95GB29.00 min7/10AUDDVDVHS 1CENTERView#02227
1997.09.09USA, St Louis, MO - Mississippi Nights - Three Dollar Bill, Y'all$ Tour2.57GB44.00 min4/10PRODVDVHSBARRICADEViewRT#01438
1997.09.12USA, Atlanta, GA - Criminal Records Parking Lot 1.91GB28.00 min7/10AUDDVDVHS View#02229
1997.09.13USA, Columbia, MD - Unknown      View#01352
1997.09.21USA, Worcester, MA - Green Hill Park - Locobazooka655MB4.00 min7/10PRODVDDVD MWAAF TVViewRT#02447
1997.09.23USA, Cleveland, OH - Agora Ballroom      View#01352
1997.10.04USA, Phoenix, AZ - Celebrity Theatre - Three Dollar Bill, Y'all$ Tour2.12GB31.00 min6/10AUDDVDVHS View#50391
1997.10.19USA, Kansas City, MO - Kemper Arena - Three Dollar Bill, Y'all$ Tour1.93GB28.00 min4/10AUDDVDVHS 1 View#02229
1997.10.27USA, Cleveland, OH - Agora Ballroom - Three Dollar Bill, Y'all$ Tour2.45GB42.00 min7/10AUDDVDVHS View#00030
1997.11.10USA, Columbia, MO - The Blue Note - Three Dollar Bill, Y'all$ Tour2.16GB32.00 min5/10AUDDVDVHS 1 View#02229
1997.11.11USA, Kansas City, MO - Beaumount Club - Three Dollar Bill, Y'all$ Tour2.42GB36.00 min7/10AUDDVDVHS View#00678
1997.11.26USA, Clinton, MA - St. John's Gym - Three Dollar Bill, Y'all$ Tour2.81GB42.00 min6/10AUDDVDHi8 M ViewRT#02229
1997.12.09USA, Minneapolis, MN - Parking Lot      View#01352
1997.12.13USA, St. Paul, MN - Roy Wilkins Auditorium - 93X Rock2.53GB33.00 min5/10AUDDVDVHS 12 CAMView#02229
2.25GB33.00 min5/10AUDDVDVHS3 CAMView#50927
1998.02.04Japan, Tokyo - On Air West - Three Dollar Bill, Y'all$ Tour2.54GB36.00 min6/10PRODVDVHSMTVView#01181
1998.02.18USA, Worcester, MA - The Palladium - Ladies Night in Cambodia Tour3.21GB47.00 min7/10AUDDVDHi8 M ViewRT#02197
10.0GB47.00 min8/10AUDDV-AVIHi8 M View#99999
1998.02.20USA, Providence, RI - Lupos Heartbreak Hotel 4.25GB54.00 min7/10AUDDVDVHS View#01300
1998.02.21USA, Asbury Park, NJ - Stone Pony 3.47GB51.00 min5/10AUDDVDVHS 1 View#02176
1998.02.27USA, New York City, NY - Hammserstein Ballroom 3.32GB71.00 min6/10AUDDVDVHS View#01436
1998.03.02USA, Cincinnati, OH - Bogart's - Ladies Night In Cambodia Tour2.35GB71.00 min4/10AUDDVDVHS View#00627
1998.03.05USA, Detroit, MI - State Theater      View#01352
1998.03.09USA, Columbia, MD - Blue Note      View#01352
1998.03.10USA, Minneapolis, MN - First Avenue - Ladies Night In Cambodia Tour3.32GB73.00 min7/10AUDDVDVHS View#01960
3.80GB80.00 min4/10AUDDVDVHS2 CAMView#01435
1998.03.19USA, Daytona Beach, FL - MTV's Fashionably Loud487MB10.00 min5/10PRODVDVHSMTVView#00675
1998.03.23USA, Dallas, TX 3.88GB57.00 min6/10AUDDVDVHS 2 ViewRT#01795
1998.03.28USA, Boston, MA - WAAF Indoor Beach Party1.83GB3.00 min6/10PRODVDVHS 1WAAF TVView#50644
1998.03.31USA, Fort Lauderdale, FL - Club Eden 2.45GB75.00 min6/10AUDDVDVHSTRIPODViewRT#01430
1998.05.19United Kingdom, London 2.15GB32.00 min3/10AUDDVDVHS View#50638
1998.07.05USA, Holmdel, NJ - PNC Bank Arts Center - Ozzfest1.63GB24.00 min6/10AUDDVDVHS View#50392
1998.07.18USA, Somerset, WI 2.32GB34.00 min7/10AUDDVDVHS 2 View#50632
1998.07.30USA, West Palm Beach, FL - Coral Sky Pavilion 3.87GB40.00 min6/10AUDDVDVHS View#01428
1998.09.23USA, Worcester, MA - Centrum Center 2.68GB45.00 min6/10AUDDVDVHS View#00673
3.03GB45.00 min5/10AUDDVDVHS 1 ViewRT#02253
1998.09.26USA, Philadelphia, PA - Wachovia Spectrum 2.85GB42.00 min6/10AUDDVDVHS View#50637
1998.10.04USA, Minneapolis, MN - First Avenue - Family Values Tour2.78GB41.00 min5/10AUDDVDVHS View#50393
1998.10.10USA, San Francisco, CA - Cow Palace - Family Values Tour1.81GB27.00 min6/10AUDDVDVHS View#50394
1998.10.19USA, Memphis, TN - Tom Lee Park - MTV Sports & Music Festival2.17GB9.00 min7/10PRODVDVHS View#50396
1998.10.23USA, St Louis, MO - Family Values Tour3.19GB47.00 min6/10AUDDVDVHS 3 View#50646
1998.12.31USA, New York City, NY - TRL Studios - MTV New Years Eve Bash1.54GB8.00 min5/10AUDDVDVHS View#50973
1999.06.11USA, Wantagh, NY - Jones Beach Theater - Dysfunctional Family Picnic3.08GB53.00 min6/10AUDDVDVHS 2 View#02332
1999.06.13USA, Boston, MA - Rooftop      View#01352
1999.06.13USA, Boston, MA - Parking Lot - Guerilla Tour2.43GB25.00 min5/10PRODVDVHS View#01424
1999.06.19USA, Irvine, CA - Irvine Meadows - KROQ Weenie Roast1.96GB1.00 min6/10PRODVDVHS View#51013
1999.06.20USA, Sacramento, CA - Memorial Auditorium - Guerilla and Significant Other Tour3.35GB49.00 min6/10AUDDVDVHS 3TRIPODView#50626
1999.06.22USA, Seattle, WA - Mercer Arena - Limptropolis Tour5.05GB70.00 min7/10AUDDVDVHS M2 CAMViewRT#02229
1999.06.25USA, San Diego, CA 4.55GB68.00 min7/10AUDDVDVHS 3 View#50635
1999.06.26USA, Mesa, AZ - Mesa Amphitheatre 4.54GB70.00 min8/10AUDDVDVHS 1 ViewRT#02228
1999.07.12USA, St. Paul, MN - Roy Wilkins Auditorium 5.98GB88.00 min5/10AUDDVDVHS View#50643
1999.07.17USA, Pittsburgh, PA - Crane Building - Limptropolis Tour5.52GB82.00 min5/10AUDDVDVHS View#50387
1999.07.23USA, Lowell, MA - Tsongas Arena 5.67GB84.00 min8/10AUDDVDDigital8 M View#02228
1999.07.24USA, Rome, NY - Griffins Air Force Base      View#00000
1999.09.21USA, Pittsburgh, PA - Pittsburgh Civic Arena - Family Values Tour6.10GB91.00 min5/10AUDDVDVHS View#50389
1999.09.28USA, Worcester, MA - Centrum Center 5.06GB75.00 min7/10AUDDVDVHS 1 View#02228
1999.10.10USA, St. Louis, MO - Kiel Center - Family Values Tour1.68GB29.00 min7/10PRODVDVHS View#02332
1999.10.12USA, Kansas City, MO - Kemper Arena - Family Values Tour     View#01353
4.44GB65.00 min5/10PRODVDVHS View#50867
3.02GB45.00 min7/10PRODVDVHSMuchMusicView#50868
1999.10.13USA, Minneapolis, MN - Target Center - Family Values Tour5.29GB78.00 min7/10AUDDVDVHS3 CAMView#50397
1999.10.22USA, Phoenix, AZ - America West Arena - Family Values Tour5.13GB76.00 min5/10AUDDVDVHS View#50398
1999.10.23USA, Anaheim, CA - Arrowhead Pond - Family Values Tour5.02GB74.00 min6/10AUDDVDVHS 3 View#50400
1999.11.05USA, Miami, FL - Miami Arena      View#01353
1999.11.17Canada, Montreal, Quebec - Molson Center      View#01353
1999.11.18Canada, Toronto, Ontario - Unknown      View#01353
1999.12.31USA, New York City, NY - MTV Studios - MTV New Years Even Bash1.54GB8.00 min5/10PRODVDVHS View#50973
2000.05.22USA, Holmdel, NJ - MTV2 K-ROCK Dysfunctional Family Picnic 4.02.46GB17.00 min7/10PRODVDVHS M View#50769
2000.06.23USA, Holmdel, NJ - PNC Bank Arts Center      View#01353
2000.07.12USA, Detroit, MI - State Theater - Back 2 Basics Tour5.13GB76.00 min5/10AUDDVDVHS View#50390
2000.10.02USA, Los Angeles, CA - USA Studios - Farmclub2.21GB2.00 min7/10PRODVDVHS View#50742
2000.10.19USA, East Rutherford, NJ - Continental Airlines Arena      View#01354
2000.10.20USA, East Rutherford, NJ - Continental Airlines Arena 5.40GB80.00 min7/10AUDDVDVHS 2 View#50627
2000.10.26Canada, Toronto, Ontario - SkyDome      View#01354
2000.12.09USA, Hartford, CT - Civic Center 5.40GB80.00 min7/10AUDDVDVHS 3 View#50629
2000.12.18USA, Fort Lauderdale, FL - National Car Rental Center      View#01354
2001.01.11Japan, Osaka - Castle Hall      View#01354
2001.01.26Australia, Sydney - Entertainment Center - Big Day Out Festival     View#01355
4.21GB82.00 min6/10AUDDVDDigital8 M ViewRT#99999
4.11GB8.00 min8/10PRODVDDVD MChannel VView#02601
2001.05.28France, Paris - Palais Omnisport de Paris-Bercy - Anger Management Tour     View#01354
229MB4.00 min6/10PRODVDVHS 1 View#02332
2001.06.06United Kingdom, London - U.K.      View#01354
2001.11.08Germany, Frankfurt - Festhalle - MTV European Music Awards2.12GB6.00 min7/10PRODVDVHS M View#50840
2002.11.30USA, Minneapolis, MN - First Avenue      View#00000
2003.03.30USA, Seattle, WA - Wrestlemania      View#01355
2003.06.09United Kingdom, London - Finsbury Park 2.64GB76.00 min6/10PRODVDDVD MMTVView#01443
2003.07.20Canada, Montreal, Quebec - Parc Jean Drapeau 3.80GB57.00 min6/10AUDDVDDVD M View#00478
2003.07.27USA, Minneapolis, MN - H.H.H. Metrodome      View#01355
2003.08.31Germany, Weeze - Terremoto Festival      View#01355
2003.09.06United Kingdom, London - U.K.      View#01355
2003.11.15USA, Denver, CO - Magnes Arena      View#01355
2003.11.23USA, Philadelphia, PA - Electric Factory - Results May Vary Tour3.38GB97.00 min7/10AUDDVDDVD M View#00032
2009.05.20Latvia, Riga - Arena Riga      View#00000
2009.05.25Finland, Helsinki - Ice Hall      View#00000
2009.05.27Russia, St. Petersburg, FL - Ledovia Dvorets      View#000PC
2009.05.29Russia, Moscow - Green Theater - Unicorns N' Rainbows Tour4.17GB85.00 min5/10AUDDVDDVD M View#01693
2009.05.31Ukraine, Kiev - Unknown      View#01353
2009.06.07Germany, Nurburg - Nurburgring - Rock AM Ring5.38GB82.00 min9/10PROMTSDVB View#01454
3.29GB92.00 min5/10PRODVDDVB View#00848
2009.06.12England, Donington - Donington Park - Download Festival3.55GB64.00 min5/10WEBDVDMASTER View#01970
2009.06.26Slovakia, Nove Mesto and Vahom - Topfest      View#01355
2009.06.29Bulgaria, Sofia - Festivalna Hall      View#01355
2009.07.05France, Paris - Zenith      View#00000
2009.08.01United Kingdom, London - U.K.      View#00000
2010.08.20Belgium, Hasselt - Kiewit - Pukkelpop Festival8.59GB51.00 min8/10AUDMTSHDD M View#02034
2010.08.24Ireland, Dublin - Olympia Theater - Gold Cobra Tour2.41GB34.00 min6/10AUDDVDDVD M View#01970
2010.09.05Germany, Dusseldorf - Philipshalle      View#00000
2010.09.20Germany, Munich - Zenith      View#00000
2010.10.01Russia, Saint Petersburg - Ice Palace 4.53GB78.00 min5/10AUDMTSHDD M View#02025
2010.10.03Russia, Moscow - SK Olimpiyskiy      View#00000
2010.10.05Ukraine, Kiev - Dvorets Sporta      View#00000
2011.07.01France, Arras - Main Square Arras Festival 9.66GB54.00 min8/10AUDDVDHDD M View#01559
2011.08.03Peru, Lima - Explanada Sur del Estadio Monumental - Gold Cobra Tour3.96GB102.00 min7/10AUDDVDDVD M2 CAMView#02034
2012.02.26Australia, Sydney - Olympic Park - Soundwave Festival8.63GB55.00 min8/10AUDMTSHDD M ViewNT#01778
2012.05.26Portugal, Lisbon - Parque Da Bela Vista - Rock In Rio4.23GB61.00 min7/10PRODVDDVD M View#02034
2012.06.04Russia, Moscow - Stadium Live! - European Tour5.62GB97.00 min7/10AUDMTSHDD M View#02181
2012.06.05Russia, Moscow - Stadium Live! - European Tour5.63GB97.00 min7/10AUDMTSHDD M View#02181
2012.06.11Russia, Samara - Petra-Dubrava - Rock Over Volga8.39GB72.00 min8/10AUDBlue Ray DiscHDD MVortexView#99999
2012.06.16Denmark, Dresden - Junge Garde Amphitheater - Gold Cobra European Tour17.0GB100.00 min7/10AUDBlue Ray DiscHDD M View#99999
2012.09.24USA, Irvine, CA - Verizon Amphitheater - Epic Center2.15GB63.00 min7/10AUDDVDDVD M View#02024
2013.06.12Netherlands, Groningen - De Oosterpoort 17.4GB96.00 min8/10AUDBlue Ray DiscHDD M View#99999
2013.06.28Russia, Moscow - All-Russia Exhibition Centre - Park Live! Festival10.0GB86.00 min8/10AUDBlue Ray DiscHDD MVortexView#99999
2013.11.15Russia, Krasnoyarsk - Yarygin Arena Russian Tour10.0GB85.00 min8/10AUDBlue Ray DiscHDD MVortexView#99999
13.3GB85.00 min7/10AUDMTSHDD MzuddizudViewRT#02236
2013.11.17Russia, Novosibirsk - EXPO Center 11.0GB101.00 min8/10AUDMTSHDD M ViewNA#02440
9.15GB78.00 min8/10AUDBlue Ray DiscHDD MVortexView#02442
2013.11.20Russia, Yekaterinburg - KRK Uralec Ice Arena 10.02GB89.00 min7/10AUDMTSHDD MvEN0MViewRT#99999
10.05GB89.00 min9/10AUDBlue Ray DiscHDD MVortexView#99999
2014.06.18Switzerland, Pratteln - Konzertfabrik Z7 16.8GB93.00 min8/10AUDBlue Ray DiscHDD M View#99999
2015.06.18France, Lyon - Le Transbordeur 16.3GB88.00 min9/10AUDBlue Ray DiscHDD M View#02673
2015.06.21France, Clisson - Hellfest1.20GB71.00 min8/10WEBMTSHDD M View#02459
2015.10.25Russia, Khabarovsk - Yerofey Arena 16.5GB95.00 min9/10AUDBlue Ray DiscHDD M View#02600
2015.11.20Russia, Yekaterinburg 18.4GB106.00 min8/10AUDBlue Ray DiscHDD M View#99999
2019.06.08USA, Dana Point, CA - Doheny State Beach - KROQ Weenie Roast3.79GB33.00 min8/10AUDMTSHDD M View#99999
2022.05.12USA, Uncasville, CT - Mohegan Sun Arena - Still Sucks Tour42.9GB100.00 min9/10AUD4KMASTER View#99999
2022.05.12USA, Uncasville, CT - Mohegan Sun Arena - Still Sucks Tour3.25GB101.00 min9/10AUDCDFLACMASTERView#99999
Limp Bizkit [misc] [22 records]
0001.01.01USA, New York City, NY - MTV Studios - MTV Old, New & Remixed1.45GB22.00 min6/10PRODVDVHS M View#50881
1998.12.20USA - MTV 120 Minutes 15.00 min8/10PRODVDVHS M View#02228
1998.11.30USA - MTV Diary 25.00 min8/10AUDDVDVHS M View#02228
1998.11.30USA - Electronic Press Kit Strait-Up3.23GB10.00 min8/10AUDDVDVHS 2 View#02228
1999.05.18USA, New York City, NY - MTV Studios - MTV TRL1.52GB13.00 min6/10PRODVDVHS View#50977
1999.06.18USA, Boston, MA - MTV News 15/152.17GB16.00 min6/10PRODVD  View#50396
1999.08.04USA - MTV FANatic2.17GB8.00 min7/10PRODVDVHS View#50396
1999.11.17Canada - Much Music Interview1.23GB5.00 min6/10PRODVDVHS View#50978
1999.11.19Canada, Toronto, Ontario - MuchMusic HQ - Rapid Fax214MB1.00 min7/10PRODVDVHS M View#50870
1999.12.01USA - ECW Wrestling1.46GB7.00 min4/10PRODVDVHS View#50976
2000.06.23USA, New York City, NY - MTV Studios - MTV News1.04GB3.00 min6/10PRODVDVHS View#50993
2000.07.01USA, Detroit, MI - State Theater - Detroit News Channel1.69GB4.00 min3/10PRODVDVHS 1 View#50882
2000.09.07USA, New York City, NY - Radio City Music Hall - MTV Video Music Awards148MB4.00 min6/10PRODVD  View#02444
2000.09.26USA, New York City, NY - MTV Studios - MTV News1.06GB1.00 min6/10PRODVDVHS View#51113
2000.10.03USA, New York City, NY - MTV Studios - MTV News1.04GB2.00 min6/10PRODVDVHS View#50993
2000.10.18USA, New York City, NY - MTV Studios - MTV News1.04GB1.00 min6/10PRODVDVHS View#50993
2000.11.20Canada - Much Music Spotlight3.51GB24.00 min7/10PRODVDVHS View#51157
2001.04.11USA, Los Angeles, CA - Shrine Auditorium - Blockbuster Awards351MB2.00 min7/10PRODVDVHS M View#51588
2001.08.27USA, New York City, NY - MTV Studios - MTV News (Cold's Bleed Music Video)2.52GB3.00 min7/10PRODVDVHS M View#50684
2001.09.27USA, New York City, NY - MTV Studios - MTV News (Call For Peace)1.93GB4.00 min7/10PRODVDVHS M View#50685
2002.01.01USA - MTV Becoming Presents Wannabee: Fred Durst1.49GB22.00 min7/10PRODVDVHS M View#50836
2003.04.08USA - MTV Ultrasound Band Breakups460MB3.00 min7/10PRODVDVHS 1 View#50596