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Finally some proof!
Take note, I didn't threaten anyone.
Take note how many times that I was "Threatened".
Every thread related to the tape transfer was screenshot. Nothing was edited.
Every tape was transfarred. Those who did not threaten me, Received every show as promised.

Here is the run down of the original people involved

Needed ~$1150 (including additional shipping/paypal costs)
j--- $150
r--- $200
p--- $100
tripkore $200 + slipknot2001 $200 - $400 (oh you mean i have to pay double to help?)
vht $100
a--- $200
slipknot2001 $200 (2 weeks, maybe) (oh you dont have money right now?)
Walpknot 100$

Weird that the 3 people that bitched the entire time, Paid the least? How odd? The 3 people who said they got screwed over by me somehow admitted to receiving either 210-230 shows out of 317 shows. More than half of the colletion before they kept complaining and saying they never got anything making making me out to scam everyone. Weird how all that works??

Other expenses that was needed to accomplish that no one else had to pay

-8MM Recorder $150
-DVDRW discs $20
-DVD Recorder $150x2
-addtl.Hard Drive Storage $150ish
-Personal time (free I guess?)
-G. Drive (13 months currently as of 04/21 @ $13 m/o = $169
Total amount on (MY END) to accomplish this project = $1,189

But I'm the scammer? Okay

For all those people who say I am a bad trader or a terrible person for allegedly selling my own masters. Let's not forgot Mr. Felipe (aka IN THE END" on TTD) aka That was caught selling other people's masters on EBAY just a few short months ago! Causing him to be banned on DIME (aw bummer dude!).

Here's a cool update [July 12th, 2021] from Felipe who is "Retired" but yet keeps updating his website after being made fun of that he couldn't pay his bills. Remember kids, Nothing is for sale on his website (only his eBay) LOL

Here's the proof showing Felipe offering to send money for my master, But tells everyone i tried asking for 200$. But remember kids, It's okay for "99% of other filmers he knows including NYBC" to sell thier masters. But it's against the rules if "TripKore" does it. Love the double standards!

Here is Felipe's Butt Buddy xxHybridXeroxx aka TVANHEMEL@HOTMAIL.COM

This guy is a special kind of stupid. "Herzeleidmeister" aka aka Len Kaiser from Arkansas.

Just remember kids, It's okay to buy from sellers, But not okay to sell to buyers!

Here's more from this dumbass 2021.10.22

Seriously, I can keep going all day with this lol

NEW October 22nd, 2021
New dumbass alert. "Tyler Jones" aka "RATM.LIVE" aka
Bro want's to trade HD Video Masters for his "Audio" Masters. I say no thanks, then trash talks me.

Check out Mr. Luke's aka empty threats...

Mr. Lukes aka decided to send an update on TTD, Smart

This is a good one from Mr. Ron Gawlik aka aka Damage Inc. Another one on TTD who tells more lies, with things that has nothing to do with him as usual. Proven wrong, with photographic evidence, and still ignored it. 10 years later, brings it up on TTD. Funny how that works

And another TTD user who has done multiple trades with me and still says I'm a bad trader on TTD forums. Gannibal aka aka

Some random TTD user abkfan13 aka aka Dominic Hocutt

Other people who say they won't trade with me because of TTD

Prime Example of why people say I am a bad trader, Moron's like this. Charlie Syrťn aka

Good Traders: Updated 10/30/2019

I've been trading for 20 years. When i created this site back in 2007 I tried to keep it updated with people I have traded with but at the time I was dealing with 20+ trades a week when I was trying to build up my collection. And between work and travel and home life, It was hard to keep up. Now we are going into 2020. And 95% people I've traded with are no longer around. So I will just leave this blank. And list a few semi-active forums if you are looking for traders.


Name: TripKore
Location: Boston, MA, USA
Reason: Please do not trade with me. I screw people over. I take everything and don't give anything back. Ask anyone, I am bad news. I don't care about anyone except myself. Everyone is stupid, Please do not contact me, I am a bad trader!

Name: Jack Johnson
Location: Clovis CA, United States
Reason: Waiting a week for him to responsed for one. Another week in negotiations. Does not like the 2:1 for non master trades. Requested at the time i thought 3 Masters from me which I asked for 4 discs in return. Got mad, canceled the trade. Then I said 2:1 for one master, not both (again, at the time i was thinking he ment my Killswitch Englage master, not St. Helens, Oregon). Anyways, Discs were made, and packaged but not yet shipped. Thank god work got in the way of me making it to my post office. Now, 22th day into the trade (1 day before i was to ship) Asked me a non specific question in which i got confused. He asked if I filmed "Killswitch". I replied saying yes I did, why? He said he knows someone who did, And that I didn't. So I replied again to be more specific when asking other people questions. Then immediatlly jumped to the conclusion that I am a bad trader, lieing tryign to get more shows claiming other shows as my masters. Called off the trade. Flipped out over the word "shit". I'm sure this person is a "Good Trader" on other sites, but person is a child and does not know how to communicate with others. (2) Discs and 22 days wasted. Beware.

Name: Christian Hoffman
Location: Germany
Reason: Made an agreement to buy my ticket, and I send him raw master files. That agreement was met. He then argued that I had made another source I was obligated to send it to him, I was not. At the time I was nice enough to give him a copy under one condition. Not to trade it out to a certain person. 1 hour later he turns around and offers it to that one person I said not too. Trade/Contract was voided after that. I severed all ties for breaking the rules we agreed upon. Now I am currently listed as a "Bad Trader" on his website. Owell.

Name: C.BELL aka 13MATT13 aka FF Trader aka FRED, aka POTATOE, John Skull,
Email:,,, c_bell3@rambler, ru, fred777, potatoes
Location: ?
Website: ?
Reason: Fear Factory trader going around with different names, emails, bad english, ripping people off, only trades Fear Factory, Never trade with this person, Never send first. Trades online with stolen links. BEWARE
UPDATED: I'm now on his bad traders list for telling him to fuck off lol. This guy has mental issues.
- 13MATT13 (
- FF FF (
- FF FF (
- johnny english (
- John Skull (
- Andrew Baker (
- David Falcone (

Name: Coach aka Ernie aka Mexican Trader
Location: Mexico
Website: ?
Reason: This guy is one of the worst traders. This guy buys shows, tickets from other filmers for their masters and puts them in a vault. Hoards them. Then when asked to trade unreelased show for show he only wants money in return. So he buys other peoples shows and sells them! He is now banned on TTD (tapetradersden) for selling.

Name: Jerek Dorsz
Location: ?
Reason: This one almost had me. Contacted me first for a very rare trade. Offers "LOSSY" RT shows in return. His [2011-05-24] The Forum,Inglewood, CA Los Angeles 3,97 GB [RT] Show is (AVI, LOSSY). Then tries to offer other shows I said no. Then tells me if we trade "I" have to send first after he contacted me first. Watch out "SOAD" hoarders/traders. This guy is another fraud.

Name: Gustavo N
Location: ?
Website: ?
Reason: Another noob. See's me requesting artwork for my T.S.O. show i shared, wanted to trade, so i said okay why not. Sends me a list of ALL COVERART. Never in my life have i ever received that in my 15 years of trading experience. So naturally i said no, nevermind. Then he gets mad and asks if im asking for more artwork. I said why does it matter, I don't want to trade. Then he replies with rudeness. And kept sending random emails of swearing at me. Therefore, bad trader.

Name: Martin Mannheim
Date: April 5th, 2012
Location: Germany?
Website: N/A
Reason: First email, I said he had nothing I wanted, I was looking for more masters at the time. Then he pushed, So I said I do not have much time for a regular trade. He pushed again so I said fine, I made a pick of 10 shows I struggled to find. He sent his first, I got them fairly quickly. I told him I have to go away for work as I sometimes do. Then a week later he said an email, i responded quickly. Another email few days later, again I responded quickly. All emails go to my phone. I said I will be home soon (around st. patties day) which I worked on. But had a break after. During the middle of work I get this harrasment email!

"Hey Crook , you like ripping off people ... you piece of shit !!! ... i 'm done being nice to you did a little research on you ... not very hard to find warnings about you i don't even care about the discs anymore ... it's probably shit anyway you 're pretending that you 're oh ! ... so busy with work ... my ass !! i bet you 're sitting all day on your lazy asscrooks will always be crooks ... i 'll make sure i 'll warn everyone of my traders about you."

Well the thing is i never posted why im a Bad Trader on Semsang page, But if you his, There was no trade made. We agreed to an online trade morning of thanksgiving day. I said go ahead and start uploading as it will take you a long time (if you want), I'm running out the door for a family dinner. I come back with his nonsense screaming and attitude, So I just said nevermind to all that. And he posted me on his list. Owell. It was only for 1 show.

Anyways while Martin said I wasn't working, I was home being a lazy ass, I sent him a phone picture of my work to proove where I was "Here's a picture I just took working , Ur reading a trade that never happened 4 years ago But thanks for the email , I can now save 20 discs .welcome to my had trader page, take care. IMAG1454.jpg"

"how about a little meeting you & me .. face to face i think we have some explaining to do to each other ... when would be a good time for you ?"

See you when u get here , I travel for work so if in not here , give me a call , thanks

"i just wanna be clear on something if i do come knockin at your door it is to have nothing more than just a conversation ...i wanna hear it from your mouth what is it that you gain when you don't send the discs that you owe ... 3 dollars or less ... what is 3 $ in your life ? i read some parts on your site about some bad traders that you had that i didn't read before and i realized that you had that experience too ... and i kinda laughed at what you said about mrjackbootlegs from brazil cause i traded with him too so i know what you mean ... so if i understand ... you got so many bad traders before ... that now you wanna get even by stealing good traders like me ... but what do you gain ? "

You won't come knockin, I hear the same shit from you whining kids at least once a month, You have my address, you have no excuse Stop emailing me, You lost your chance to get your discs with your rude & childish email. Good bye.

Name: Age Porf aka koula1977
Date: May 7th, 2012
Location: ?
Website: N/A
Reason: Contacted me for a trade. I didn't really have any interest. Again insisted on trading and offering to do a 20+ show trade. We both uploaded the first time instantlly but my server went down and all uploades within 24hrs were not added. So we did it again but I went away for work as I usually do. I did upload everything but 3 of my masters I have not authored. After a short time later, I started getting harrassing emails, I responded all of them saying I will upload when I get home. At which point i asked in a forum we were on if anyone had unreleased Metallica shows. He responded yes..He sent me a list of "unreleased" metallica shows yet they were released. So that was an obvious lie but whatever I let it go. Then he went behind my back to get the 2 masters from a metallica trader I was after (which he had no interest in those bands) just to throw it in my face and threaten me further "oh you will never see these shows". Okay, after being threaten again I ignored all emails and ended the trade 3 masters short. A week later, He emailed me again saying we will trade the 2 shows i wanted that he got behind my back if i upload my masters, In which I did for him to turn around and say "Nope, I don't need/see anything I want". And I know I have shows/masters he want. So theres more lies. I would suggest not trading with some one like this, a dishonest person who goes behind your back to other traders just to threaten you in emails.

Name: TSF
Date: June, 2012
Location: France?
Website: N/A
Reason: We had a couple of good small trades in the past. This guy contacted for another trade which i wasn't trading then, and he had nothing to offer. I had a rare filter show he wanted and offered me 10 shows for it. I said fine, I transfered it off vhs, and waited for him to send. Then i got a new filter master. Again he said he would offer 5 more shows for it. So i agreed. Middle of sending he asked why I havnted uploaded Filter yet. I said i was waiting on him as he contacted me. Well, in good faith i uploaded disc 1 of the new Filter show I got, then he got mad saying he uploaded 10+ shows and got nothing. That's because HE DIDN"T FINISH THE TRADE WE AGREED UPON. So then he got angry and sent rude/un-english messages to me, i ignored them and wrote him off. SO he decides to go on random forums and post how i took a bunch of shows (that he agreed to send me) and didn't send anything (because he didn't finish the trade). Whatever, Take it as a bad trader or not. Dude is a whack job. Makes trades and doesn't follow through, then has a child tantrum. Owell.

Name: Jaqueline Paredes
Date: September 19th, 2012
Location: ?
Website: N/A
jaqueline paredes
Lista Bootlegs.xlsx

to jaqueline
Depends on what ur want, im mainly interested in masters

jaqueline paredes
tell if you need something of my list

to jaqueline
Thats not what I asked , nevermind ,

jaqueline paredes

to jaqueline
Learn to read the rules when trading and follow directions

jaqueline paredes
you are bad trader
fuck you bitch

to jaqueline
Yep, Sure, Thanks

jaqueline paredes
no one exchanges dvds with you :)
Good bye looser

to jaqueline
Of course not , over 7,000 bootlegs and over 400 masters , over , 300 trades in over 10 years , never lol , take care

In conclusion, I get several of these random emails a month, Most are deleted. Some cause me to get on badtrader lists, but really, these people are stupid lol.

Name: The Hitmen Vanwinkle
Date: July, 2012
Location: ?
Website: N/A
Reason: Impatient, Annoying, avoid.

Name: JW/Unforgiven
Date: July, 2012
Location: ?
Website: N/A
Reason: Metallica trader with bad english lol. Awful trader, contacted me after I filmed Orion Festival, my shows were listed as NFT (for a reason). He continued to email me and offer me 10 NFT linkin park and r+ shows. I said no, then procceded to tell me im a bad trader on a list, I said cool and ignored him lol. Recently he screwed someone I'm in contact with, trading for his master then screwing him. Stay Away.

Name: Jimbo
Date: December 26th, 2012
Location: USA
Website: N/A
Reason: So here's another retard. A TSO (trans-siberian orchestra) trader. Originally this asshat was one of the worst leechers ever encountered on DIME. Tried to diss me an others day after day after day, but failed. Eventually i tossed in the towel, comment sections went on for days with his rants haha. Months afterwards i get an email saying he don't want to fight and blah blah i said fine. So i filmed TSO last winter and posted the new covers to his email, he praised them, loved my footage/artwork cool. Then filmed again in april, asking me to share, begging for my footage, I said maybe and haven't heard from him since. I filmed TSO again in November sharing samples and saying it's for trade for other TSO i don't have. He responded with I'm getting footage from the same show but I don't care to trade anymore, I said ok no problem. I filmed again a month later, again i shared samples/screens. This time it angered him saying why am i sending him stuff he can't have. I said you could have it, you told me you didn't cared to trade, it was your choice. Then went on a rant.
"Well thats the hoop (master 4 master)....EVERYONE i know does nothing of a kind....Thats just your thing and maybe the people your used to trading with do....I dont have the master files nor do i care to keep them once the DVD is created.."
Well, as "EVERYONE" i know, and has been the standard in trading for over 20 years, a master4master trade is for filmers trading their "master" for another "master. It does not have to be "master files of any kind". But people like this (non-filmers) ruin the community and always expect shit for free, but forget where shows come from.
JIMBO: "What the fuck is your problem?...I cant say it any clearer....I DONT CARE ABOUT THE SHOWS YOU HAVE....."
Well, hmm... other emails I have can prove that statement wrong.
JIMBO: "We have enough footage coming in to not have to worry about you....."
Yes sir, gotta love them amatuer digi/cell phone recordings, but hey, it's got external audio so it's okay haha. So many of them, they just flood DIME with 1-2 recordings a year, oh boy! So in conclusion, this guy is a retard who doesn't understand the standard of filming with a real camcorder, and standard trading practices.

Name: sybrmacdvds
Date: December 29th, 2012
Location: ?
Website: N/A
Reason: This guy downloads lossy youtube shows, encodes them to DVD, authors them and saying he got them in a trade. He also takes other people's work, re-authors them, claiming as his own. Fair Warning!

Name: Fallen2011
Date: December 30th, 2012
Location: ?
Website: N/A
Reason: Asked for a trade a year ago, takes to long to answer, kept changing his mind, couldn't agree on anything so said nevermind. Asked for a trade again 3 days ago, took 24hrs to respond my message, then makes up excuses saying he can't trade more than 2 shows online when i know it's bullshit as he is/was currently trading with others online as well. Waited another 48hrs for a response at which time was called out in a live chat saying he did read my message but choose to ignore it. Therefore another ignorant/bad trader who asks for trades and waste peoples time. Avoid a headache, pass on this tard. UPDATE: Imagine that, once added to bad traders list, now he answers every message/comment i make, owell. Avoid.

Name: ballsdeep aka Steve Hagar
Date: February 24th, 2014
Location: Alaska, USA
Website: N/A
Reason: Waited patiently 2 years for a trade that never happened. Finally he responded with childish behavior, mass emails, and threats. Recently he stole an external hard drive priced around 150$ from a friend that warned me about him after the fact on TheTradersDen (TTD). You can view his BadTraders thread there, it is recent and currently active for viewing. But I still waited, and waited, and waited. After receiving rude emails and threads i decided to post this here today to warn others as this gets seen by thousands monthly (hundreds daily). All anyone has to do is run a search of his email and "Bad Trader" will come up. In any case, this person is mentally unstable. Prepared to be strung a long for a very long time if you decide to deal with this person. You have been warned. Proof of this is all archived in emails which i can forward to anyone that requests them. Also it is confirmed that he is a seller! Thanks.

(He doesn't get "MAD", He gets "EVEN")

This request was sent in by "Anidamaru" who had a recent bad trade.
NAME: Jonny Allwood
Date: February 27th, 2014
LOCATION: United Kingdom, London
REASON: I asked him for a trade -- 1 RT show against my KoRn master. He agreed, so I started uploading my show as I contacted him first. When I uploaded the show and sent him the links, I lost the contact. I had sent 5 e-mails, Jonny did not answer to any of them.

NAME: Felipe Mendes
DATE: April 13th, 2013
REASON: A Brazil trader, what do you expect? 99% of them are awful and ruin the community. This guy wanted a trade for over a year for VHS tapes I have in storage. I recently got them out. I transferred. I requested 2 shows several times, kept asking if they are uploaded. He kept saying i never said which shows. Again i said 2 more times which shows, and he kept asking which shows, are you sure. Obviously delaying and asking the same questions over and over in a trade means he doesn't have the shows and hes trading to scamm people. Then once the "name calling" starts, That's it. His "PARTNER" LP_Bartek /" was in on it as well. I would be aware of these 2 trying to scam you.
Message Log:
TripKore - 2:20pm
yo whats the deal
wheres ur buddies list and did u upload those paproach shows yet?
i rathter do quick trades than week trades

Felipe Mendes - 2:28pm
Nope yet. need to know what show u want

TripKore - 2:29pm
what does that have to do with anything?
you cant send me a list because u need to do what show i want (which i already told you twice) how does that make sense?

Felipe Mendes - 2:32pm
I cant send the list yet because i havent received it yet. IM talking about the PapaRoach shoq lol

TripKore - 2:34pm
i told you 3 times now, toronto, and the other show ur friend filmed you said, ive said this multiple times so no more excuses

Felipe Mendes - 2:35pm
Nope. Read your chat and you didnt confirmed it dude
So two papa roach show rigjt?

TripKore - 2:41pm
again you are asking questions to what show that ive already stated 4-5 times now
upload them already, stop dicking around

Felipe Mendes - 2:42pm
Ah suck my balls hahahhaha

TripKore - 2:41pm
so is that a no now?

Felipe Mendes - 2:42pm
Its a suck my balls for you being stupid

TripKore - 2:43pm
welcome tot he bad traders list, bye

Felipe Mendes - 2:44pm
Ah fuck you. you seems like a child crying lol
You havent asked for the shows until now. read the whole chat asshole

"This was posted on the LPlive Board. This is unrelated to me, But shows you I am not the only one that has endured this "harrassing" behavior."

NAME: Joseph Reddit
DATE: April 13th, 2013
REASON: I randomly got emails from this dude which i ignored because I am done trading. And i am deff done trading, dealing with SOAD traders which are the worst. But this dude emailed me again i said why knot (which of course was a mistake). He was after a couple VHS shows i had in the basement. I transferred them what the hell. And then of course, his list is mostly lossy, 2min songs, and youtube rips. I should have known. Well anyways, First part of the trade I was able to find a couple of shows I didnt have. Then I went away for work, Of cours I get constant emails, in which I have said I am not home, I am at work. I guess that doesn't apply to certain traders. I told this guy to stop emailing me, I will send my links to the show when I am home, the next day I get another email. I said stop emailing me, i already told you when I get home I will send them 3 times, Email me again, I am done. What does he do 10 minutes later? Yep. He is the reason why I quit trading, and I tried one more time, and I remember why I shouldn't have bothered, Thanks dude :)

NAME: HerzeleidMeister
DATE: November 12th, 2014
LOCATION: South Carolina, USA
REASON: I keep forgetting to post this moron here. But I came across a recent email while looking for something. This guy awhile back, was interested in my Rammstein master, in which i said, It's NFT. I said I am not interested in trading in my Rammstein master, etc. He kept emailing me, I said no, Even if i was interested in trading, He has no masters, he doesn't film himself. So again no. Emailed back with some "lovely" childish comments as usual. I think his trading buddy, friend emailed me after a day later. Asking for the same thing. i said you know what, I'll trade it for 5 masters, or 15 regular dvds, or what i paid in expenses to film it (as it was an 8hr drive there and back). In which he whined on his site saying i was a "seller" (yet i never sold anything lol). If i was a seller, where is the proof? Wheres my ebay auctions, my selling store, website? paypal transaction? Nothing. /fail

NAME: Gregor Wats
DATE: March 26, 2017
REASON: If you don't like to be harrassed by multiple emails a day, every day for a half week because you have a life that doesn't consist of sitting in front of the computer 24/7. Then avoid this child. He also has youtube shows converted to DVD trying to pass them off as "real".

NAME: Anidamaru
DATE: June 16, 2017
REASON: This child is starting bad trader posts on forums when we never traded before. So it is only fair that i return the favor by posting him on here as well even though we never traded. Since November he claims we setup a trade he made with me back in July when I wasn't even home. November comes he said he uploaded his master. I said that's nice, we never agreed to a trade but okay. Then like a child, he had a temper tantrum, stomping around crying like a little girl. Be aware when dealing with this child if he/she doesn't get their way.

NAME: Christopher Howell
DATE: February 8th, 2018
REASON: This guy agreed to a trade. I started uploading first. Then noticed he picked some shows still on vhs. So i asked if he could pick some other shows. He said he doesn't have time to pick new shows. So now after i started uploading he magically has no time. Then started crying about 60 hour work weeks. There is 168 hours in a week. He somehow can't manage to pick 5 shows with the spare 108 hours he has but can find the time to keep emailing me about it and calling me cunt lol. I found this hillarious so I had to share.

Hi mate . Donít worry then . Iíve not got the time
Now to go through your list again . Let me know when youíve done the slip knot tapes
No rush and then we can do a trade . Cheers chris.

You just said you could pick enough for 3 trades, and now you cant pick a couple of replacement shows

Not got the time now . Am working 60 plus hours night shift this week . I sent my wants for the 1st trade mate

If you don't have the time you shouldn't have agreed to the first trade.

Really . I had time this week early on to look at your list . Donít tell me I donít have time mate . You shouldnít put shows in your list you havenít converted yet . Whatís the point to that ??? . Wasting my time really .

Ah here we go, alright, I could digitize them right now if i wanted at any point in time, but they are common shows you can most likely download for free so its pointless. I added them to my list to know what i have in future trading so i don't ask for a show twice as it happens all the time when you have over 10000 shows and 3000 vhs tapes. Common sense (if you had any) would ask first about why some shows don't have info or not indexed? Instead of wasting your own time. If you weren't such a tool bag about it, I could just have a friend upload them shows in the next hour who has them all anyways but i guess not now because "You don't have the time". Lol

Also if you work 60 hours a week, thats 2 more hours a day than normal, cool , congrats, I've done over 100 hours a week at mine and work 7 days a week no holidays off whats your point? you still have 168 hours a week out of your "60 hours" you still have 108 hours to look at a list and pick a couple of random show replacements, but instead you want to toss up excuses and be a tough guy about it just like most people in this hobby who ruin the community but saying they want to trade, but then all of a sudden "don't have the time".

Really . Tool bag ?? Do one mate and go fuck your self you Yankee cunt .

All this time sending emails, You could have picked new shows LOOOOL
Thanks for proving my point brah ;)

You donít know me or my lifestyle . Whoppee you do more hours then me . So what . Your a massive cunt suggesting otherwise . Now go and fuck off .

Still sending emails but don't have time to pick shows from a list LOL
Typical excuse from a tool bag haha

Not with you I wonít
Now fuck off prick

Wow where do you find the time to email with your 60 hr work day bro? Lol

Itís a trade. dvds . In the end I ainít bothered . Am at work now but I donít need to explain or justify anything to you . Jog on with your sad life and ridicule someone else . Like all yanks

Aww man look at you go, someone that doesn't have the time is sure spending alot of it emailing me

NAME: Raven Sarphie a.k.a. Lamb of god Central
DATE: September 9th, 2019
REASON: This kid is an absolute lunatic. I swear I am a magnet for the mentally challenged. This kid emailed me first. I entertained the idea of a trade because he had Lamb Of God shows I didn't have and masters. Come to find out they were filmed with a phone. Whatever..I asked for a sample. I go to sleep, go to work. Not even 24 hours later he is emailing me complaining I didn't answer quick enough lol. Right there I said fuck that nonsense. Here are the transcripts. Enjoy

On Mon, Sep 9, 2019, 2:10 PM Raven Sarphie wrote:
So its been 1 day since i sent the sample are we gonna trade?

On Mon, Sep 9, 2019, 12:38 PM TripKore wrote:
It has not been 24hrs. Regardless if it has or not i can respond on my own time. I am not obligated to cater to you. I have my own life. Thanks.

On Mon, Sep 9, 2019, 5:44 PM Raven Sarphie wrote:
Im not talkin shit cocksucker you said you wanted a sample i wasted 3 fucking hours uploading it and over 24 Hours to respond it takes less than a sec to send this bull shit all im asking is DO YOU WANNA FUCKING TRADE El paso is not lossy its 100 the full show if not dont even bother responding

On Mon, Sep 9, 2019, 4:17 PM TripKore wrote:

On Mon, Sep 9, 2019, 4:22 PM Raven Sarphie wrote:
Ok look im sorry for acting like a dick is really just wanna trade can we work something out whenever i just want to online trade ill send first what ever its the full set to el paso i just want to trade for that 28 min ft lauderdale show 2001 lamb of god for that and ill trade you norva rock 2019 free as well if you dont have it its a pro shot with no cuts

On Mon, Sep 9, 2019, 4:25 PM Raven Sarphie wrote:
Ill even throw in this other set Carcas 2012 Free its a full show of it and no cuts its audience and also new orleans 2016 Audience No cuts until his camera dies like 1 min before the set ends

On Mon, Sep 9, 2019, 4:27 PM Raven Sarphie wrote:
I can even throw in the lamb of god paramount 2016 its the full set and it has no cuts whats so ever its like the last lossless i can find but i really want that show ill give you whatever and trade first for that

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So does "cool" mean you wanna trade or not its fine if it takes a while i just wanna know if you still or did want to trade in the first place just wondering
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POSTED BY VHT 2020.03.25
RESPONSE 2021.03.08
On another forum, myself, Tripkore, and 7 other members joined together in a crowd-sourcing effort to liberate a few hundred master recordings from a retired taper. The agreement reached was that Tripkore would transfer all the recordings and disseminate them to everybody else in the group that contributed money towards this.

At first, things went smoothly with approximately 100 recordings being released to everybody.

"April 27th when I recieved the package until June 7th When my PC died, I did 132 tapes. A little more than 100 recordings, Should be more than satitisfying with 2 months time from someone that has a full time job/life/family"

But then for whatever reason, he cut access to his FTP server, claiming he was having PC issues. Within days his FTP was magically up and running again for private trades, but ironically enough, not for sharing the shows with the group.

"As said many times, PC Died, Home FTP Server that hosted all the shows from my own personal hard drive was down. Website server/Private FTP for private trades was and always hosted online via a web service that provides hosting for my site. This was explained.

Days turned into weeks, which turned into 6 months of nothing. Anybody that questioned what or why nothing was being shared for such a lengthy amount of time was met with vague replies that dodged the question, avoiding any accountability whatsoever.

"June 7th-October 9th" is 6 months? 5 months maybe? My apologies, I had no idea you were offering me 2K to purchase all my pc parts for a new build? No? You have no idea that it takes time to build a PC? To buy all the parts a couple weeks at a time with little extra cash leftover from paying bills and living life? Again my apologies. I also did 88 more tapes from Octiber 9th, until October 22nd Before I had issues with my PC again."

Try to press him to give a straight answer and suddenly we're "bullying" and "threatening" him. Meanwhile, he's telling certain people via PM that he's not going to share all the shows because not everybody paid the same amount. NOTE: The agreement was everybody would get full access. There was never any discussion on some people getting more/less than others.

"How would you like the same 4-5 people or more (who had nothing to do with the original deal) Keep asking the same questions over and over. What other outcome are you trying to get when you ask something on Monday, Then again on Wednesday, Then again on Friday? Nope, PC down, Nope, PC down, Nope PC down. If you wanted a different answer perhaps you should have offered $$ to fix it. Did you buy the 100-150$ recorders that it takes to transfer these tapes? The 20$ pack of dvdrws, The 150/200$ hard drives to store everything? The 15$ a month for google drive? Did anyone offer to host anything or send me a hard drive where you can ship around? Nope. Do you normally reward people with bad bahavior? That insult you, trash talk you while they are doing everything for you in their own spare time? Deffinetly not.

For anybody ever thinking about retiring from this hobby and offering up your collection...Don't ever consider giving it to Tripkore. And if you're a trader, boycott trading with him. There seems to be no shortage of people with bad things to say about him. It's best to avoid getting involved with him in the first place.

"Yeah, It's best just to spend the 500/1000$ on equipment yourself, and use your own time to record shows and your own time to transfer and shuffle footage around. Don't let someone else do it, and if you do. Don't complain non stop 24/7 that it wasn't done in your time restraint.

TripKore: Call me a bad trader all you want, All and all, The people the email me correctly and understand respect and trading values get everything they ask for. You can see people having zero problems trading with me on TTD as long as you have something to offer and half a brain. Also, All 300 Tapes from the last collection was all transferred within a year after receiving the packaging. Including the original filmer got every show and the 4 people that decided not to trash talk or insult anyone and just waited patiently.

[ ]
If you have been around awhile you've probably seen this name on a bad trader's list or two. My personal experience with him was many years ago when Rammstein was on tour (don't remember what tour, doesn't matter really). He had filmed a Rammstein show and I contacted him for a trade. He told me he did not see anything on my list that he would trade for his master. We had emailed back and forth a couple of times when he emailed me and offered to sell me the show. Needless to say I did not buy the show and at that time posted this info on TTD (I think, not sure if I did or not). We have never actually traded and we will NEVER EVER trade regardless of what shows he has or how rare they might be.

"Unless you asked me under another name (aka an alias). Then you never contacted me for rammstein. I searched your name here, Didn't see anything. I searched emails after I recorded Rammstein, Didn't see anything that was close to you. Unless you are just relaying someone else's conversation and making it your own? I have no idea. I'm assuming It's East Rutherford you inquired because that's the one i traveled 7 hours for and spent the most money on while the other 2 i traded out and still never released east rutherford version. So If you are reading this, feel free to show me a screen shot for proof. I see you get butt hurt on people selling. But still want the bootlegs from those people that filmed them. I find that odd. You dislike people like this but still ask for the show as long as you don't have to pay for it. Except, If it wasn't for those people who film shows, You wouldn't have a collection or a want page to being with lol. Ironic =)

[ ]
A trader on my Lossless Metal Trading Group on Facebook had been chatting with him for a trade and the same thing happened. TripKore offered to sell the guy the show. This was only a couple of days ago (Februaury 3, 2021). At some point and time many traders got together to get some rare collection from a well known trader/taper. TripKore offered to buy the shows, put them on his FTP and let everyone download them. Everyone pitched in money for these shows and got fucked.

How did "they" get fucked, when you received the shows that I transfered in trade?
MUDVAYNE - 2001-04-07 Xcel Energy Center, St. Paul, MN, USA [DVD5, AUD, 2.97GB, 43min, 4/5, MASTER UPGRADE]
MUSHROOMHEAD - 2002-11-06 The Metro, Chicago, IL, USA [DVD5, AUD, 3.63GB, 54min, 3/5, 3CAM, Digital8, RT]
MUSHROOMHEAD - 2002-11-08 OZZFest, Alpine Valley, East Troy, WI, USA [DVD5, AUD, 1.26GB, 19min, 5-/5, Barricade, Digital8 Master, RT]

Fucking weird right????

Read the post on TTD that gives more info from vht. And if you are so inclined read the entire thread. AVOID HIM AT ALL COSTS! DON'T LET HIM SELL YOUR MASTERS!

I looked, I had no emails for trades on February 3rd, 2021. I had someone ask for something on January 30th if that's your buddy? Dude wanted to trade video but only had audio to trade. I don't trade audio, He really wanted it, I offered to help him out or else he wouldn't got anything. Most people wouldn't bother but I at least tried, Such a terrible person I am where others wouldn't even respond back. Unless you are talking about the February 5th person. Again, Another person who wanted 15/20 shows that had ZERO to trade for or at least shows I already have. So how do these people get what they want if nothing else is available? Trading is slim these days. These people are just lucky enough to have someone like me to help them out and yet here you are talking down to people like me when I am here helping them out, Did you help them? P.S., If they can't get my masters, How would you get East Rutherford off your wanted page? More Irony.

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