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DateLocationSizeLengthQualityTypeMediumSourceVersion-  Index #
1999.08.19USA, Birmingham, AL 1.43GB29.00 min6/10AUDDVD  View#88888
2000.09.22USA, Spartanburg, SC - Ground Zero 2.37GB68.00 min6/10AUDDVD  View#88888
2002.09.03USA, Providence, RI - Lupos Heartbreak Hotel      View#00972
2002.10.07USA, Los Angeles, CA - NBC Studios - The Tonight Show with Jay Leno2.50GB5.00 min7/10PRODVDVHS 1 View#50575
2002.12.16USA, New York City, NY - NBC Studios - Last Call with Carson Daly2.50GB7.00 min7/10PRODVDVHS 1 View#50575
2003.02.20USA, Los Angeles, CA - CBS Studios - Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn2.55GB4.00 min7/10PRODVDVHS 1 View#50575
2003.05.15Canada, Montreal, Quebec 2.82GB42.00 min5/10AUDDVDVHS 2 View#51169
2003.07.23USA, Los Angeles, CA - WB Pepsi Smash 10.00 minPRODVD  View#02324
2002.09.09USA, New York City, NY - MTV Studios - MTV2 Rock2.80GB9.00 min7/10AUDDVDVHS M View#50573